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Welcome Home, Degen!

The first native NFT community -
where collectors connect with collections

The Discord Problem

Hacked Together, Frequently Hacked

Discord is riddled with bots, prone to hacks, and not intended to be a home for evergreen content. It's great for live chat, but NFT creators over-rely on it, packing everything but the kitchen sink into it, simply because it is convenient.


Primary content (news/announcements, FAQ, official links, etc.) is posted in the jumbled mess that is Discord, and not searchable on the open web. This essential content is buried behind the walled garden.

Not Web3

Discord is not a Web3 native application, which means that collections rely on bots to inject features that don't really belong there, resulting in an endless parade of security issues for both the project and its audience.

Our Solution

Claim your collection on degeniverse and interact with your audience in a cohesive, safe manner. We're not trying to replace Discord for live chat - it's great for that - but by relying less on Discord for everything else, you vastly improve the experience for your users.

Web3 Native

All users sign in with their Ethereum wallets. No passwords.

Open Web

No walled garden. All content is on the searchable web.

No Coding Required

If you can use a browser, you can manage your space.

Support Tickets

Supports private whispers between staff on tickets, as well ticket types and status.


Post news, crosspost automatically to Discord.


Easily maintain your knowledge base - drag and drop ordering.

Official Links

Easily maintain your list of official links - drag and drop ordering.


Brands with more than one collection can manage blogs, support tickets, and reviews across their entire brand in one queue.


Automatically checks for Twitter, Discord follows, as well as token ownership.

Moderate Reviews

Approve all new reviews for your collection before they go live.

Update Your Profile

Make changes to your collection's profile.

No Bots

There are no renegade applications or scripts that can harm you or your audience.



Hey Creators, Claim Your Collection!

The OG Pass

While degeniverse will always be free to join for all users, we've reserved exclusive benefits for members that have OG status. That status is something that we award to our members, but in the future OG status will be linked directly to ownership of an OG Pass (NFT).

The OG Pass will be a free mint in Q3 2022 exclusively available to members that already have OG status. There will be a maximum of 10,000 OG Passes created. You will have to have OG status on degeniverse to qualify for the free mint.

Our Team

We've assembled one of the most experienced teams in the industry, with over 20 years of success building online engagement tools and platforms. Our products have been used by thousands of organizations over the years, including major brands like Sony, Mattel, Ubisoft, Greenpeace, and Warner Brothers.

Our team also has substantial experience in the crypto and NFT markets.