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Bring Multiple NFT Collections Together with Brand Management Tools

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of our Brand Plan!

If your team is managing more than one NFT collection, you can now sign up for a Brand Plan and take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Manage support tickets across NFT collections (view all brand-related tickets in one space). You'll be able to see which NFT collection the ticket was submitted from.
  • Post and manage blog posts universally, so that you can cross-promote to your brand's entire community. Each blog post is tagged so readers can see which NFT collection the post is related to. Set up a Discord webhook so that your blog posts flow directly to a specific Discord channel.
  • Add as many team members/community managers as you like.
  • Add as many NFT collections to your brand as you like.

The Degeniverse support ticketing system is unique, offering inline "whispers" so that team members can discuss a response directly in the ticket, hidden from the person who submitted the ticket. This allows your team to keep all relevant communications in one place, easy to find even after the ticket is closed.

From your community's perspective, they can view all support tickets they've submitted, across NFT collections. No need to go back and forth among various Discords searching for answers. They can spend less time searching for info, and more time helping to build your community.

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