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✅ NFT Profile Pictures

Hey, we're an NFT platform, so of course we need to support NFT profile pics... and now we do! In fact, the ONLY profile picture you can add is an NFT from your connected Ethereum address.

To add your NFT to your profile, click on "Settings" from the main menu. Scroll through all of the NFTs in your account until you find the one you want to use. 🎉

22 Days Ago

Bring Multiple NFT Collections Together with Brand Management Tools

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of our Brand Plan!

If your team is managing more than one NFT collection, you can now sign up for a Brand Plan and take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Manage support tickets across NFT collections (view all brand-related tickets in one space). You'll be able to see which NFT collection the ticket was submitted from.
  • Post and manage blog posts universally, so that you can cross-promote to your brand's entire community. Each blog post is tagged so readers can see which NFT collection the post is related to. Set up a Discord webhook so that your blog posts flow directly to a specific Discord channel.
  • Add as many team members/community managers as you like.
  • Add as many NFT collections to your brand as you like.

The Degeniverse support ticketing system is unique, offering inline "whispers" so that team members can discuss a response directly in the ticket, hidden from the person who submitted the ticket. This allows your team to keep all relevant communications in one place, easy to find even after the ticket is closed.

From your community's perspective, they can view all support tickets they've submitted, across NFT collections. No need to go back and forth among various Discords searching for answers. They can spend less time searching for info, and more time helping to build your community.

4 Days Ago

Hello World! Welcome to the Degeniverse!

We’re a team of degens who, like you, are frustrated with the Discord vulnerabilities, disjointed communication, and difficulty tracking market data for our favorite NFT projects.

So our first step was to bring together key information and market data for the top-tier NFTs.

We aren’t just pulling from APIs, though, we have analysts manually tracking down data points like the NFT storage location, licensing terms and whether the project fits in a special-interest category. That makes it easier for you to find, for example, women-led projects or on-chain NFTs.

Today, we’re launching the next step–NFT collection management tools that will make life easier for both NFT teams and the degens who support them.

Hundreds of projects are already in the system, and ready to be claimed by the team (who will be verified as owners).

In order to claim a project or engage with the platform, you simply log in with an ETH address.

What’s in it for me as an NFT creator/project member?

  • Claim your project for FREE, and share news via a blog, FAQ, official links, and raffles (paid plans add more control, support for additional managers, and support tickets)
  • Protect your community from 3rd party vulnerabilities in Discord by moving your links and announcements to a space you completely control (you can auto-cross post to a Discord channel if you want)
  • Easily update information without having to hassle your web developer
  • Get your NFT project seen and/or reviewed by our community of NFT degens, and indexed by Google (SEO)

What’s in it for me as an NFT holder/collector?

  • No more paranoia about clicking links
  • Stay on top of roadmap and news updates for projects you like
  • See all of the support tickets you’ve submitted in one dashboard
  • Post reviews of NFT projects to share your experience and help the community
  • No need to join 1000 Discords just to research NFT projects
  • Become an OG Degen and become eligible for the free mint OG Pass in Q3 2022

Are we asking you to stop using Discord?

No. Keep chatting on Discord (that’s what it’s perfect for), but move your important content and support to a system that improves your SEO and gives you more control.

We’re just getting started. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and here in this blog for news and updates.


10 Days Ago