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Claim your spot in our NFT neighborhood. Transform your information flow from the clutter and chaos of Discord to the organized beauty of degeniverse. Improve your SEO, manage support inquiries, post announcements, manage reviews, and more!

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Plans For Creators

When you claim your collection, you can choose any of the following plans. Feel free to start free and upgrade later.

6-Month Fee Annual Fee



  • Blog
  • FAQ
  • Official Links
  • Raffles
  • 1 Collection Manager




  • Adds:
  • Edit Collection Profile
  • Moderate Reviews
  • Discord Crossposts
  • Up to 3 Managers




  • Adds:
  • Support Ticket System
  • Unlimited Managers




  • Adds:
  • Unlimited Collections
  • Brand-Wide Managers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions. Have more questions? Email us at [email protected].

How do I verify ownership to claim a collection?

Complete our collection claim form. We will need to verify your relationship with the collection before approving the claim.

How does crossposting to Discord work?

If your plan supports it, you may automatically have new blog posts crossposted to a specific channel on your collection's Discord server (usually an "announcements" channel). Set up for this is quite simple and is explained here.

How is this safer to use than Discord?

Every degeniverse user signs in using their own Ethereum account. Thus, the only way for a user account to be compromised is for someone to gain access to their private keys. We have no passwords and do not allow third party bots to be used.

Can I pay in other currencies besides Ethereum?

No, all payments are required to be paid in Ethereum. Make sure you provide us with the Ethereum address from which payment will be sent prior to sending payment so that we can properly credit your account.

What is a collection manager?

A collection manager is anyone that has been granted authority to manage a verified/claimed NFT collection. When we verify the claimed account, we designate one owner. The owner may then add additional managers on their own, subject to plan limits.

How can I change my plan or cancel?

You may change or cancel your plan at any time, though keep in mind that there are no refunds. All requests to cancel or change your plan must originate from the Collection Owner via the Management area for your collection.

How do I set up a raffle on degeniverse?

Contact us at [email protected]. All parties must have claimed their collections on degeniverse to participate. If we have not listed your collection yet, just let us know and we can consider adding you.