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Career Background about Andrew Choi and ZIPCY

Andrew Choi - Founder & CEO. Tech Lead at Coinbase Software Engineer at Microsoft, Snapchat, Linkedin, IBM, BlackBerry. Rank #1 in Admission to University of Waterloo Computer Engineering Co-alumni with Vitalik Buterin. https://linkedin.com/in/a24choi

ZIPCY - Top Illustrator & Artist in Korea / Asia. Painting, Digital Art, NFT, Publish, Advertisement, Editorial, Products, Exhibition, Lecture etc. An illustrator looking for moderate sensual pleasures. Having much curiosity about the humanity and relationships. Usually drawing by excessive emotional sensitivity. ​​​​​​​


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SuperNormal NFT: Korea's Highest Selling NFT Brand. Premium Art.

Premium art is the new utility.

Official Homepage: https://supernormal.art/

Welcome to SuperNormal NFT (SN)!

For official roadmap, 📰┃roadmap For official links, 🌐┃official-links For our list of partnerships, https://www.supernormal.art/ (https://zipcy.io/) For our Notion doc, https://www.notion.so/SuperNormal-Resources-af7826c6b4f2409aab7196f8e49a8c88 For our landing page, https://solo.to/supernormal

What is the vision of SuperNormal? SuperNormal is a premium, art-focussed society that challenges what it means to be extraordinary. SuperNormal values art in all forms and cherishes diversity across all areas.

Who are SuperNormal's top celebrity supporters & magnates & shoutouts?

  • Paris Hilton
  • Mark Cuban
  • Eva Longoria
  • Rich Miner, Founder of Android OS
  • Sergi Roberto of FC Barcelona
  • Huda Kattan
  • 88 Rising Founder
  • many, many more.

Just getting started here.

Who are the largest whales in SN?

  • Pranksy
  • Hemba
  • LoloDj
  • Huda Beauty
  • MrWerewolf

How does SuperNormal compare to other Korean projects?

  • 1 SuperNormal: $100M+ Volume Traded

  • 2 Meta Kongz: $25M+ Volume Traded

  • 3 Doge Sound Club: $10M+ Volume Traded

  • SuperNormal is #1 by 4X+ by volume. What are the Founders' background?
  • Tech Lead w/ engineering background from Coinbase Microsoft Linkedin Snapchat IBM BlackBerry & U of Waterloo
  • Korea's most decorated, largest digital illustrator who worked with Netflix DC Disney and more.
  • Mega-experienced NFT Connoisseur

What are utilities like? Every partnership deals carry holder-first utilities, benefits, and access. We maximize holder only utility across digital utilities, offline utilities, and more.

  • Offline partnership festivals: Coachella Private VIP Party, Waterbomb with CIDER, NFT NYC, Global Holder Meetups, and more planned.
  • Digital utilities: exclusive & pre-access to collab drops, Season 2 drops, Partnership collection drops.
  • Physical Merch: IRL Clothing Line from Fashion Brand collabs, CASETiFY accessories & cases, Zipcy's merchandise goodies, and more.
  • ZIPS-Alpha: Alpha and top-intel information for new mints, projects, investments exclusive for ZIPS (SuperNormal NFT) holders
  • and more upcoming.

What are the traits like?

  • Unlike many other projects, SN has some hidden traits. Not all traits are in the metadata. SuperNormal boasts the most detailed, intricate, high-class art in the NFT space. We are proud to be pioneer of premium art in NFT.

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