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Unacceptable Use Policy

This Unacceptable Use Policy (UUP) delineates the prohibited uses for the platform service offered via Degniverse.com ("Degeniverse", "service", "platform service") by Crowdstack, Inc. ("Crowdstack", "we", "us", "our") and its related entities. We reserve the right to modify the UUP at any time, effective upon posting of the modified UUP at this URL (https://degeniverse.com/uup). By using the service, you agree to abide by the then-current version of the UUP.

We provide a neutral platform for NFT collections and their audiences to communicate with each other. As a platform, our purpose is to provide the software/infrastructure for groups to post content and share information with each other. We will not editorialize, censor, or take political positions. However, we do expect all groups and the participants in those groups to abide by a minimum set of standards. The following activities and/or types of content are expressly prohibited.

  1. Illegal Activities

    You may not use the service to do anything that violates Federal laws in the United States of America or laws in other applicable jurisdictions where data may be hosted. This includes copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret violations.

  2. Pornography

    You may not post content that is sexually explicit or pornographic or exploits/presents minors in a sexual way.

  3. Privacy Violations

    You may not collect, disseminate, or disclose any personally identifiable user information without the consent of the impacted parties. This includes protected health information (PHI), home addresses, and financial information.

  4. Threats of Physical Harm To Others

    Serious, direct, and obvious threats to harm another person or encourage self-harm are not permitted. Examples include threatening to injure or kill someone, imploring others to do harm against one or more people, including damage to property owned by someone. Name-calling is a not a threat. Being rude is not a threat. Hurt feelings are not considered damage.

  5. Fraudulent Profiteering

    You may not offer or promote fraudulent goods, services, or schemes or engage in any practice that constitutes an unfair or deceptive trade practice. Such violations must be obvious, direct, and be based on an apparent plan to profit off of people in a fraudulent manner.

  6. Attempts to Violate our Systems/Software

    You may not attempt to compromise or reduce overall integrity of our systems or software, via any method, including viruses, Trojan horses, bots, and worms. In addition, any attempt to access information stored on our servers is strictly prohibited via hacking, phishing, or any other devious practice.

When we discover or are informed of potential violations of this UUP, we have the right, but do not assume the obligation, to inspect content/data associated with each potential violation. In the event that we determine, at our sole and reasonable discretion, that there has been a violation of this UUP, we may take any action that it deems appropriate and reasonable under the circumstance to protect its systems, facilities, customers and/or third parties. Such corrective actions include, but are not limited to:

Without limiting the foregoing, it is our policy to terminate service for repeated violations of the UUP.

How To Report UUP Violations In General

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to report a UUP violation of any kind. We will respond as soon as possible. If you are reporting a copyright violation, please note that we have stringent reporting requirements, but we will follow up with such requirements after you initially file a report with us via email.

Last updated May 10, 2022.